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Age Groupings


We are extremely proud of our Baby Room here at Little Harriers; we have a team of caring, dedicated and experienced staff to care for your baby throughout the day.

It boasts a wide range of fantastic toys and equipment to encourage all areas of development; our equipment includes sit-up cushions, pull-up rails and baby walkers. We also use a Treasure Basket - a basket of objects to assist in stimulating all of the baby’s senses, this contains natural objects such as sponge, fir cones, fruit and also other items of interest like velvet boxes, dolly pegs and wooden spoons!  This is actually one of the baby’s most favourite activities! 

    Little Harriers - Baby room

The babies have their own outdoor garden which is laid with artificial grass so it can be used in all weathers.  All equipment from inside can be taken outside as well as other activities such as picnics, water and sand play and singing.

Triple buggies are used on rainy days, so the babies benefit from fresh air everyday.


We feel that it is important to echo the routine of home.  The babies routines are displayed in the room so parents can up-date them as needed.
Our large sleep room provides a soothing atmosphere with very low lighting and soft music playing – a lovely place to have a snooze!

All of our food in the Baby Room is home-made and our recipes are from Annabel Karmel’s, “Baby and Toddler Meal Planner.”  Once again, we are very flexible and will work closely with you at every stage of the weaning process.

We feel that the Baby Room at Little Harriers Day Nursery is of an incredibly high standard and that you can only see just how wonderful it is by visiting it for yourself!



Little Harriers Cot Room


Llittle Toddlers

IIn this group we have a lovely large room which gives the children plenty of space to learn to walk and toddle around between activities.

Our high staff ratios, and small group size enables staff to combine the cuddles and care needed at this young age, along with lots and lots of messy play!

Staff in this group let their imaginations run wild with messy play ideas, and children have opportunities daily to participate in activities such as; water play, cornflour play (exploring texture,) painting (including body painting,) and jelly play (temperature and texture.) 

Within these activities we also provide learning opportunities for colour and shape, using lots of descriptive language to encourage first words and talking.

A nursery routine is introduced at this age, though staff are also understanding of the children’s individual needs. After breakfast each day, the children sit together with the staff and sing ‘The Hello Song’ to each other, as a lovely start to the day.

    Little Harriers - Little Toddlers, outside slide

The children then find their photo and put it on the wall next to their friend’s pictures until they go home.

Venturing in to the garden is part of the Daily Routine, as it is in all the groups.  The children love the outdoors – they share the same garden as the babies which encourages interaction and socialisation with other children.


Big Toddlers

Keeping busy is what we do best in our energetic Toddler Room here at Little Harriers.

The staff in the Big Toddlers Room have as much energy as the children and devise many fun activities;  such as body painting, making pizzas, singing, dancing and of course going in the garden.

Alongside the structured activities of the day, other activities are on offer at the children’s level and they are encouraged to choose these for themselves, therefore developing their independence and preparing them eventually for the pre-school! 

  Little Harriers - Big Toddlers messy play
We incorporate the Montessori Philosophy throughout the nursery and in this group it really begins; the children have freedom of choice and can choose to have their drinks when they wish, choose whether they would like to do any of the activities that are offered to them and are encouraged to help set up and clear away activities (which we make fun and as part of the routine).

We are happy to work alongside you during the potty training weeks and we will follow your lead as to what method to use.

The children carry out activities both in whole groups and on a one to one basis with staff throughout the day. 

Every day, before lunch and tea, they have stories and singing where the children come together for a variety of stories and action songs – a big favourite in this group!  Lunch is served at midday.   (Please see the food section in this web site for information about the delicious meals at Little Harriers.)  After a two course, hot lunch, the children have a sleep time on mattresses.  Many children bring in their comforters from home or a favourite blanket to snuggle up with.  The children sleep for as long as they (or you) wish! 

  Little Harriers - Big Toddlers reading



At Little Harriers We incorporate the Montessori philosophy into our curriculum to provide the opportunity for children to reach their potential and help prepare them for school. Montessori recognised the varying degrees to which children develop, and so each child is treated as an individual in their own right, and has the opportunity and support to develop at their own pace.

The classroom is designed to be child-sized and so mimics that of a reception classroom with the areas being divided covering all of the seven areas of learning and development set by OfSTED:

Prime Areas:
  . Personal, Social and Emotion Development
  . Physical Development
  . Communication and Language
Specific Areas:
  . Literacy
  . Mathematics
  . Understanding the World
  . Expressive Arts and Design

The children in pre-school wear a Little Harriers t-shirt, which helps introduce them to the idea of wearing a uniform, preparing them for school. Preparing for school also includes such activities as: dressing up in school uniform, splitting activities into school groups, using the book bags, writing skills, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy.


Llittle Harriers - Pre-school learning

Llittle Harriers - Pre-school learning

Montessori also provides a child with the opportunity to discover and achieve life skills, such as toileting, tying their shoe laces, putting on their coat, using cutlery etc. All of which help dramatically with the settling in process when they start at school.

Alongside this, the children also participate in various group activities such as sand and water play, singing, story time, cooking, outdoor activities and lots more.  Our pre-school group is designed to offer children the chance to gain independence, confidence, social and practical skills needed to help them prepare for their school years.

The management team all hold degree level qualifications in early years and education. They are committed to supporting the staff in every child's individual development and are always ready to gently guide each child to the next stage of learning. The staff in the group are constantly monitoring and recording each child's progress to ensure they are receiving the support they need, when they need it.

  Llittle Harriers - Pre-school garden

There is also a computer area, something vital in today’s society, where children can work alongside staff or with each other, to play and explore.

The children also have the opportunity to visit 'Hawks' our After School Club in order to prepare them for the transition between Little Harriers and Hawks if they will be attending there when they start school.


Little Harriers also owns Hawks After School Care, and together these are our awards and affiliates
Graded 'Outstanding' by Ofsted in 2008/2009   Graded 'Outstanding' by Ofsted in 2010/2011   Graded 'Outstanding' by Ofsted in 2014/2015   Surrey County Council Early Years Quality Assurance Scheme   Forest School Association  
National Day Nurseries Association
Out of School Alliance
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